Taswater Senior Enterprise Agreement

Instead of starting to negotiate a new company agreement, Glenorchy City Council brought in. Read More ASU held two meetings of members this week to give an overview of the agreement in principle Read More (m) As soon as a casual worker has been converted into full-time or part-time employment, the worker can only return to casual work with the employer`s written agreement. The process of obtaining a new corporate agreement at Moreland has only just begun. That`s right. Read More ASU is pleased to inform members that the company agreement we have negotiated with Vodafone. Read more Ballarat City management has ended negotiations and presented a proposed company agreement. Read more Vote for a new company contract concluded yesterday. An overwhelming number of employees skillfully learn more The vote on a proposed agreement begins today. Your union recommends that employees vote AGAINST. Read More After the conclusion of negotiations at the end of last year, your new business contract now has. Read More Many of Tasmania`s local government company agreements eventually expire. Read more YSAS Youth Support and Advocacy Service`s current company agreement still has months to learn more (b) Any payment of a certain amount of paid annual leave must be subject to a separate agreement, in accordance with clause 22.9. The vote on the Berry Street Enterprise Agreement is concluded and the agreement has been successfully concluded.

Read more (f) If, at any time, the worker requests to be paid for overtime covered by an agreement under clause 20.3 but is not taken as leave, the employer must pay the worker for overtime for the next period of pay following the request at the overtime rate that applies to overtime at work. As members are aware, BYCF recently suspended the voting process on a new corporate agreement. Read more ASU organizer Aaron De La Torre will start negotiations for your new business. Read the note: For an example of the nature of the agreement required in clause 22.8, see Appendix G – Agreement for the Registration of Annual Leave in Advance. It is not necessary to use the form of the agreement provided for in advance in Annex G to the agreement on the recording of annual leave. As many of you know, Glenorchy City Council has in other part of its intention to delay the business. Read more ASU is horrified by the leadership of the Moonee Valley City Council trying to do theirs. Read More (i) An employer may not exert undue influence or pressure on a worker if there is an agreement or not of the worker to take leave instead of paying overtime.

ASU, with the support of HACSU, continued to negotiate a new company agreement. Read more Your union is working hard to represent you in these difficult times. Learn more about your company agreement (b) Any agreement to take twice as much half-pay annual leave must be recorded in writing and kept as a set of staff data. This year is a busy year for energy agreements in transition and distribution companies. read more (a) Paid annual leave may only be paid in accordance with an agreement referred to in paragraph 22.9. 30.3 If the dispute is not resolved by an announcement in accordance with clause 30.2, the parties to the dispute shall endeavour to resolve it in a timely manner in the workplace through discussions between the worker or personnel concerned and, where appropriate, senior management. . .