Business Introducer Agreements

5.4 The Introducer Distributor shall pay Introducer all sums due and due within 8 working days of receipt of the corresponding released funds by the imported party. 2. BS.COM.04 Introducer Agreement – Designed for a series of short-term contracts in which the supplier makes many separate transactions with the same customer for a certain period of time. The importer must receive a fixed fee for a number of transactions until an “ongoing business relationship” is considered to be well-founded, resulting in a definitive fee for the importer. Introducers are distinguished from agents by the fact that introducers do not make sales or orders or accept orders on behalf of the other party. They only refer potential customers to the supplier. Once the introduction is made, the importer no longer has a role to play in the relationship between the supplier and the potential customer. 3.1.3 provide time to participate in meetings and presentations organized by the importer; If you`re running a business, the importance of creating new leads and expanding your customer list can`t be emphasized enough. Knowing where your next sales are coming from is essential for growing your business, which is why business leaders are so popular. Setting up a business introducer agreement is convenient for both the importer and the supplier. The supplier develops its network of contacts and gains qualified lines of work, while the importer benefits financially from its recommendations.

The parties do not grant each other exclusivity. Therefore, the introducer can collaborate with other brands, even with competitors of the brand, and the brand can collaborate with other introducers [to be confirmed]. These sub-inserts must be subject to the written agreement of the distributor. The authorization of such a sub-introducer is not inappropriately refused, but if a sub-introducer is refused, the distributor will indicate the reasons for such refusal. 3. BS.COM.04A Introducer Agreement – Designed for the same scenario as BS.COM.04, however, includes the payment of a percentage commission on transactions that lead to the creation of the current business relationship between the supplier and the customer introduced rather than a fixed fee. A fixed fee must be paid when the current business relationship is introduced and established. . .