Sipat Agreement

Mayor Gabino Gangan of Sadanga, Mountain Province and Cordillera Elder Leonardo Bun-as remembered the Cordillera`s path to peace and development and reminded the national government of the nature and importance of Mount Data Sipat and reaffirmed and intensified efforts and commitments for the creation of an autonomous region of Cordillera. Gangan and Bun both witnessed the “Sipat” or peace agreement reached 34 years ago, on September 13, 1986, at the Mount Data Hotel in Bauko, Mountain Province, between then-President Corazon Aquino for the Philippine government and the Cordillera People`s Liberation Army, led by P. Conrado Balschmiedeweg. Bun-as is also a signatory to the agreement. TABUK CITY, Kalinga: The Cordillera Bodong Administration – Cordillera People`s Liberation Army (CBA-CPLA) welcomed the commitment of the Duterte administration, which was recently supported by presidential advisor for the peace process Carlito Galvez Jr, who recently supported the Presidential Office for the Search for Autonomy of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) and the closing of the controversy over Mount Data sis or the exchange of data on the historic mountain that resulted in an agreement of peace. As part of the granting of autonomy under the agreement, Bun-as said, the CBA-CPLA was guaranteed control of the region`s resources and the preservation of its rich culture and history. In a memorandum, the Department of Car Education (DepEd CAR) invited all its schools to participate in activities to celebrate the achievement of a peace or peace agreement between the Cordillera People`s Liberation Army (CPLA) under the leadership of Fr. Conrado Balweg and then-President Corazon C. Aquino on September 13, 1986 at the Mt. Data Hotel in Bauko.

, Mt Province. The surviving signatory, Leonardo Bun-as, in a virtual message at the 34th commemoration of the milestones in cordillera`s history, said that the people of Cordillera had fulfilled the commitments of the peace agreement for more than thirty years by adopting peace. The “Sipat”, which means peace agreement in local dialect, was concluded between Aquino and the secession group of the NPA CPLA. Cordillera leaders and national officials renew their support for the continued autonomy and development of the Cordillera at the 34th anniversary of the annual meeting of Mount Data Sipat on 13 September. Local and national officials gathered in Baguio City, while others participated online for this year`s sipat celebration. A surviving signatory to the historic peace agreement mount data or sipat last week said the CBA-CPLA wanted to recover the javelin, shield and carpet it had given to government negotiators, as granting autonomy had remained a promise. The event also paved the way for the recognition of the government`s aspirations for the creation of an autonomous region of cordillera, which began with a provision of the 1987 Constitution, which led to the publication of Executive 220, which created the Cordillera Administrative Region in transition to an autonomous region that was part of the terms of the agreements.