Saipem Shareholder Agreement

Rome, 03 April 2020 – Eni S.p.A. and CDP Industria S.p.A. for the Saipem shareholders` meeting, convened for 29 April 2020, when appointing auditors, As requested in the current shareholders` pact between the companies, Saipem will present a common slate with the following candidates: General Meeting of Shareholders – Freephone Individual Call for Shareholders (from Italy): 800940924 Hands-free establishment for Shareholders (from abroad): 80011223456 In 2019, Saipem entered the airwind or energy system industry in 2019 with a view to an agreement with KiteGen. [18] [19] The proposed decisions were published on the company`s website, under the “Governance – General Assembly” section, in accordance with the recommendation of the Corporate Governance Code concerning large shareholders (Article 9 and related commentary) to be presented jointly at the general meeting by Eni S.p.A. and CDP Industria S.p.A. and the decision proposal submitted to the general meeting of CDP Industria S.p.A. for the validation of Alessandra Fer. Since only the designated representative can participate in the general meeting, voting shareholders of the general meeting who wish to issue summaries on the topics on the agenda are invited to submit them, by April 14, 2020, as follows: (a) by email to or b) by email to The applicant must provide documents proving its right to participate in the general meeting on April 20, 2020 and the issuance of an agent to the designated representative to attend the general meeting. Based on the available information and communications received under CONSOB Resolution 11971/1999 (Issuer Regulation) and CONSOB Resolution 21304/2020, as of November 30, 2020, shareholders holding more than 1% of Saipem S.p.A.`s share capital: the list (“list No. 2”) of candidates for the Council of Disciplinary Supervisors presented jointly by the following shareholders: Amundi Asset Management SGR SGR SGR SGR S.p.A.

gestore del fondo Ami Risparmio Italia; Anima SGR S.p.A. gestore dei fondi: Anima Alto Potenziale Italia, Anima Iniziativa Italia; ARCA Fondi SGR S.p.A. gestore del fondo Arca Azioni Italia; Eurizon Capital S.A. gestore del fondo Eurizon Fund comparti Italian Equity Opportunities, Equity Italy Smart Volatility; Eurizon Capital SGR S.p.A. gestore dei fondi: Eurizon Progetto Italia 70, Eurizon Azioni Italia, Eurizon PIR Italia Azioni, Eurizon Progetto Italia 40; Fidelity International – Fid Funds – SICAV; Fideuram Asset Management Ireland gestore del fondo Fonditalia Equity Italy; Fideuram Investimenti SGR S.p.A. gestore dei fondi: Fideuram Italia, Piano Azioni Italia, Piano Bilanciato Italia 50, Piano Bilanciato Italia 30; Interfund Sicav – Interfund Equity Italy; Generali Investments Partners SGR S.p.A. gestore del fondo Alleanza Obbligazionario; Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A. – Generali Investments Sicav; Legal – General Insurance (Pension Managament) Limited; Mediolanum Management Fondi SGR S.p.A.