Florida Aa Transfer Agreement

Students cannot move from the specific major to the specific major, A.S. Nursing, to B.S. Nursing, as shown in the table below. For example, you cannot transfer an A.S. in business management to a B.S. in nursing. Students who graduated from an S.A. before the fall of 2000 are not allowed to participate in these specific national articulation agreements, but may still apply for a transfer to a university or university. Transfer student: A transfer student is defined as a candidate who has obtained at least 12 hours of credit after the bachelor`s degree and has not obtained a bachelor`s degree. Freshman or Sophomore Transfers with less than 60 (13-59) hours of credit: For space reasons, the UF does not currently accept transfer students from the lower division. Potential transfer applicants are encouraged to stay at a college in Florida until the end of the AA license or to move to college in Florida.

Potential transfers from public colleges in Florida may refer to the FACTS Common Prerequisite Manual for State University Transfer prerequisite course requirements. Transfer applicants who meet the minimum UF accreditation requirements are referred to the UF University to cover admission. Applicants who exceed the requirements mentioned in the Pre-accession Manual may be more competitive for admission to the junior level if there is room. The articulation of general education needs with participating independent colleges and universities in Florida is beneficial for A.A. students who move to a private college or university in Florida. The State Board of Community Colleges has signed a joint agreement with the Independent Colleges and Universities of Florida (ICUF). Some private colleges and universities, which are not members of the ICUL, have negotiated a joint union agreement for all Community colleges in Florida. The Florida Department of Education Division of Community Colleges has signed a joint agreement with a few other specific private colleges and universities.

The Florida Department of Education and the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities have also signed a housing construction contract for students at Community/State University, which has been signed with an A.S.