Communication Compatibility And Security Agreement

According to the press, “specific additional provisions have been introduced in the text to protect our security and our national interests. This will allow for greater interoperability of communication between the military of India and the United States. Data collected by these systems cannot be transmitted or transferred to a natural or legal person without India`s permission. The two countries will implement this agreement in a manner consistent with the national security interests of the other. Initially, India was not in favour of signing COMCASA due to incompatibility with Russian and local U.S. equipment. This signature paved the way for the export of hard military products to India for use in autonomous mode, but not for its integration into existing Indian and Russian military systems. This is only possible if the United States shares a lot of source code. So it`s a profit for the U.S., as they made it disappear for the sale of the equipment in India. In order to protect our security and our national interests, specific additional provisions have been introduced in the text. Hindu reports, “As a result of CISMOA, India will have access to Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System or CENTRIXS Short which is the secure communications system network of the United States. Navy ships with CENTRIXS systems on board can, if necessary, communicate safely with the U.S.

Navy and benefit from the general picture of the situation in the region, as they have a large number of ships and aircraft in service. This will reduce the stress on our resources and allow us to give more effective priority to our services. 1.C is one of three fundamental defence pacts that must be signed by a country to obtain high-tech military equipment from the United States. Prior to COMCASA, India had signed only one of these agreements in 2016, the Memorandum of Understanding on Logistics Exchange (LEMOA). The two countries have yet to start discussions on the third agreement – the Fundamental Geostrategic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA). These agreements are in addition to previous steps taken by the Trump administration to strengthen the Indo-American administration. Links. Prior to the 2nd, the government had eased restrictions on high-end defence exports to New Delhi by granting strategic trade authorization to India. It has also concluded helicopter operations on non-aircraft carrier vessels, approved a $1.8 billion arms agreement to sell 24 Sikorsky helicopters to India, and approved the joint production of F-16 wings of fighter aircraft in India. The Trump administration has also further reconciled the United States and India by taking a tougher approach to Islamabad and repeatedly criticizing China`s Belt and Road initiative.