1098-T Consent Agreement

NOTE: Students can withdraw 1098-T electronic consent for themselves or their proxies at any time on the hub. STUDENT ELECTRONIC CONSENT: Students register at the Hub, choose My Form 1098-T and give electronic consent in the Tax section. Once you`re on the new hub, click Tax Information, select 1098, select consent, ENREGISTRER. You cannot revoke this consent online. To obtain your Form 1098-T at your postal address, you must withdraw your consent to the 1098-T electronic form. Go to your college representative 1098-T for information on the revocation of consent. To encourage paperless incentives, CUNY offers all students an electronic form 1098-T. By agreeing to receive an electronic form, you can view, print, save and send the form by email when the form is created. Form 1098-T-Abrechnungen is available on January 31 for the previous fiscal year. A notification is sent to each student when the form is made available. Educational institutions, insurers and lenders may authorize the electronic receipt of Form 1098-E as part of a comprehensive “consent to do business electronic” that combines consent to the electronic provision of Form 1098-E with other institutional trade policy functions such as approvals, registration, settlements and direct payments.

You have until January 11 to give your consent. You will automatically receive a 1098-T form in the email if you do not wish to register. Students who wish to refuse their electronic consent receive a paper IRS 1098-T form sent to their private address (or to the address filed with the Chancellor) by January 31 of each year in which they are entitled to receive the form. Connect to CUNYfirst Self Service < Campus Finance < View 1098-T and choose permission to give consent. With permission to receive an electronic form 1098-T, you will not receive a paper form in the mail. Students who do not choose the electronic option will receive a 1098-T paper form sent to the postal address listed on CUNYfirst Self Service. The comprehensive approval process must meet all consent, disclosure, format, publication and access period requirements for the electronic implementation of 1098-E forms, in accordance with applicable rules. For more information on the requirements for a return for each student, please see Part M of General Guide 2021 for some feedback. If you must submit Form 1098-E, you must provide the borrower with an acceptable return or replacement on paper or electronically.