Village Hall Hire Agreements

If you continue your booking, you are deemed to accept the following conditions for the rental of the lobby. (see clause #21). This document is an amendment to an ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England) leasing agreement model for Village Halls. Byfield Village Hall Management Committee informs the hall tenants that by signing an agreement on the use of the lobby, they enter into a contract that could be used as evidence if legal action is required. “Village Halls are generally held on strict trusts that require the management committee to ensure that the hall is managed in accordance with these trusts. As a result, we are required to terminate this contract in writing until a minimum of seven days if the lobby is required to complete its charitable works on the same day/hour. The tenant must report to the public all accidents that have been injured as quickly as possible to an authorized representative of the village house and fill out the corresponding section in the accident logbook of the village house. The tenant ensures that appropriate medical assistance is requested or that an ambulance is called. 6 Jan 2017 great update to take into account the fact that there are two rooms.

The most important additional clause is #14. 2. Given the rental fees described in the booking terms, we agree to allow you to use the premises for the use and schedules described in the booking form. The references in paragraphs 2.1 to 2.6 and the answers to questions in paragraphs 2.7 to 2.11 are provisions of this agreement. This agreement contains the general terms and conditions of recruitment and the specific conditions of rental (if applicable) in the attached schedule. In this case, the tenant is entitled to a refund of down payments or rental fees already paid, but the village house is not responsible for the resulting direct or indirect losses or damages. Agreements with the administrators of Harwell Village Hall (“Village Hall”) regarding the rental of Harwell Village Hall or part of it (“the premises”) are subject to these lease conditions (“rental conditions”). The tenant must face compensation and compensation to any agent of the village house and his collaborators, volunteers, agents and guests: professional tenants must take out liability insurance (minimum 5,000,000 USD). If a hirer is a regular weekly user, the village room reserves the right to cancel certain reservations or part of these bookings in favour of one-off bookings.

These cancellations must not take place more than once a month and there is a delay of at least six weeks to receive. Lower appendix: 32 people with seat, 50 people standing4. The lobby has a license: as indicated by the village house, the tenant must pay or pay all damages (including accidental damage) to premises or devices, fittings or contents and for the loss of content.