Uprr License Agreement

TxDOT regularly enters into construction and maintenance contracts (C-M) with railway companies that authorize TxDOT to obtain the licence and authorization to carry out work in the railways. A separate agreement on the contractor`s right of entry is then concluded between the contractor and the railway company to allow the holder to have a priority right over the railways. As part of these agreements, it is necessary to supplement the guidelines and procedural documents relating to the development of C-M agreements between TxDOT and various railways, including: In order to protect the company`s trademarks from unauthorized use and potential damage, Union Pacific requires a licensing agreement for the commercial uses of these trademarks on goods or services. These restrictions do not apply to miniature train enthusiasts who manufacture Union Pacific-branded equipment for personal use. If the application is not complete, processing may be delayed. Please allow at least 30 days for processing existing crossing requests and at least 180 days for new crossing requests. For more information, please contact Debra Schrampfer. Nothing is more important to Union Pacific than the safety of its employees, customers and communities. Union Pacific believes that the safest intersection is not a crossroads, and one of the railway`s ongoing objectives is to reduce the total number of border crossings to improve the safety of pacific Union pedestrians, motorists and personnel. For security reasons, Union Pacific insists that each legal or private entity use all options before requesting a new class crossing, including consideration of parallel or other routes resulting in existing crossings, as well as access to other directions.

Union Pacific owns one of the oldest and best-known brands in the country, as well as many other historic rail brands purchased by Union Pacific and used by Union Pacific. When a licensee is instructed by the licensee to carry out one of the activities agreed under the entry fee contract, that contracting party must complete and return the licensee`s confirmation form and submit it with an administrative fee of $500 and a copy of its general liability insurance subscription corresponding to the coverage indicated. , as stated in the licensing agreement. Railway liability insurance must be obtained from the licensee or its owner. The authorisation procedure for seismic applications and vibrosis of investigations, film productions and other rail transport projects is: questions? Do you need help? Click here to submit a project application.