Tufa Collective Agreement Trent University

Phone: 1-877-207-8833 Site: www.lifeworks.com Mobile App: Download for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry ID User: 3mployee Password: eap If you no longer wish to receive press releases and announcements from Trent University, please email communications@trentu.ca to unsubscribe. Accessible versions of this document are available upon request trentu.ca/accessible details of the draft agreement will be published in a joint communiqué after ratification. It is an artificial collection of materials with a variety of provenances. The collection is organized in a serial format — A to S — and contains original recordings such as TUFA strike bulletins and fact sheets; tufa parity touches; Kommuniques of the Trent Student Union and professional groups of ad hoc students Students FEAT and A.N.S.W.E.R.; corresponding copies of the student newspaper ARTHUR; University Communications Office Strike Bulletins; and a copy of the new three-year collective agreement between TUFA and Trent University`s Board of Governors, which ends the strike. One of the immediate consequences of the strike was that David Morrison, the prost and dean of arts and sciences, immediately cancelled all classes for the university`s 5,498 students — 3,642 full-time students, 1,775 part-time students and 81 PhD students — for the duration of the 23-day strike. The library, the university, housing and catering services remained open to students throughout the strike. Part-time faculties that are part of a bargaining unit of their own, Local 8 of the Canadian Union of Education Workers (CUEW), and who were under contract to teach, were dismissed. Trent University Staff Association (TUSA) Members and Non-Affiliated Group (NAG) members have been ordered to continue working, as well as high-level university administrators — president, vice president, dean, dean, dean, associate Deans, university librarian and college director. Ingrid Nolan Commercial C.S.T. Consultants Inc. Phone: 705-876-9488 Free: 1-866-293-7377 E-mail: resp@trentu.ca Series J: Communiques from Apathy? No no! Students working for work resolutions (A.N.S.W.E.R.) who, from March 17, 1991 to March 25, 1991, staged the longest profession in Von Trent`s history in the office of the President, A.J.M.