Host Nation Agreement Satellite

Our team has the network and the relationships to keep you when and where it matters most. Mintz has obtained all kinds of authorizations for satellite networks in almost every country in the world – for business and government users, as well as for new and historic satellite operators. We regularly work with local regulators in the United States and outside the European Union to implement telecommunications guidelines and regulations that benefit the operation and access of customers. We have extensive experience securing State Nation Assistance (HNA) and frequency management services from countries around the world for military and government users. We are negotiating agreements with abroad to allow the use of satellite broadband. Comments: The process used to acquire and deliver SATCOM commercial bandwidth will be reviewed with the consideration of responding to user service requests through parallel processing activities, in order to develop technical solutions, negotiate host country agreements and consolidate similar requirements to ensure rapid access to satellite capacity. Negotiations with service providers for a one-stop shop for the purchase of mass capacity for layer 1 and layer 2 requirements enhance competitiveness and lead to favourable contractual conditions that allow flexible response to crisis situations. The new strategy will restructure the acquisition and provision approach of Commercial SATCOM FSS to provide a response and stability methodology that provides competitive, fast and reliable access to SATCOM FSS`s business resources. This restructuring is expected to be completed by October 2004 and a negotiated contract is expected to be concluded by February 2006. DOD has not yet completed its new strategy. In accordance with Section 803 of the FY 05 Defense Authorization Act (P.L. 108-375), DOD was required to submit to Congress, by April 2005, a report on (1) alternative means for obtaining commercial band, (2) justifications and guidance for DOD agencies, and (3) as the new guidelines take into account each of the recommendations in the GAO report. DOD extended the reporting deadline until June 2005.

However, according to DOD officials, DOD will not meet this extended reference date due to overall coordination within the Pentagon. The GAO will review the new strategy and its compliance with the GAO`s recommendations as soon as it is made available to Congress. On July 29, 2005, DOD presented its report, Defense Commercial Communication Satellite Services Procurement Process, to Congress and the GAO. In response to Senate Report 109-69 of May 17, 2005, we reviewed DOD`s report to determine the extent to which it took into account our seven recommendations. On September 2, 2005, we informed the commission and on September 27, 2005, we published a GAO-05-1019R mail report on the results of our review. With respect to this recommendation, we found that it had been partially addressed. Although it incorporated certain elements of business practice into its requirement document and the cost-benefit analysis includes certain business practices frequently used in the 10 purchase options assessed, we found that a comprehensive acquisition strategy was not yet complete and that greater benefits could be achieved by conducting an in-depth analysis of assigned purchase expenses and using these results to exploit DOD`s purchasing power in the future.